Dos and Don’ts in a Casino

Casino life can put a lot of stress in one’s neural system. So take a break and review what taboos in casinos are—and make sure one doesn’t fall into any of the categories discussed here. Who knows, breaking these rules may be getting in the way of sure winnings?

Do plan what gambling game to play prior to entering a casino. Start some researches going online to see what the nature of certain gambling games are, how to play them, and get some tactics on how to win them. So by the time one enters a casino one can wear an aura of casino gambling familiarity. That alone should spell winning.

Do understand that casinos are not just for betting money and kissing it good bye. Lots of casinos afford shopping, eating, swimming, spa, and other entertainment and wellness facilities. See a movie or watch a stand-up comedy. Be enthralled by a magic show. Go around and enjoy a total casino experience—and not just go home later with nostalgic memories of the money one used to have.

Do keep a sharp eye on one’s bankroll. Have a definite bankroll budget for the night. Keep betting and other expenses within the bankroll budget. If there are enough winnings in the bankroll, do decide to quit. Gamble to relax and for entertainment.

Do cheer with excited people where cheering is welcome. Do shut the mouth when everyone on the table is quietly contemplating a move. When a first-timer a “yeah!” is enough when joining the cheering. Do refrain from commenting more than a “yeah!” to keep life simple in a casino.

Finally, do update oneself with the prevailing casino rules. Casinos may change some betting rules or gambling policies. Moreover, gambling games do sometimes change. Card counting, for instance, may be permitted in some casinos but not in others.

Now, don’t bet more than what the emotions can handle. A big loss can sometimes eat away at one’s emotions or thoughts. So can a big win. Take it easy and make the bankroll last for at least three hours.

Now, here’s the one and only (but a most important) don’t. Don’t ever borrow money for gambling. When the bankroll is almost gone, quit. Don’t go over to a friend or acquaintance to borrow. Don’t go online and seek a quick payday loan.

Once a break even comes, run off with what one has. If losses outnumber wins, run off with the remainder. Go out of the casino a freeman.

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