Do Some Have All the Luck

It is a given that gambling is a game of chance. Gamblers cannot help but carry a superstition or two when they gamble. These superstitions that are either handed down from generation to generation or formed through favorable past experiences. Even dreams influence the gambler’s inclinations.

The four leaf clover is one of the most popular items believed to bring good luck. Such is the belief because a four leaf clover is not common. If you find such a rare numbered clover leaf, it is an omen of good luck coming your way.

The rabbit’s foot is considered to bring good luck just like the four leaf clover. Rabbits are favorite preys of hunters. Most hunters keep a body part of the animals they kill as a souvenir or trophy. In the case of rabbits, the foot became the token for hunters and they bring these tokens the next time they hunt as a reminder of their previous victory. This practice carried over to other activities, including gambling.

The horse is considered an animal that symbolizes good luck in several cultures. The Chinese are particularly known for this belief. Many Chinese businessmen display framed pictures or sculptures of running horses in all mediums imaginable; from a simple oil painting to intricate bronze sculptures.

The new age craze introduced semi-precious stones and crystals as indispensable items of good fortune. Each stone or crystal has a corresponding fortune: citrine and the Tiger’s eye stones attract wealth; and the hematite gives courage and promotes strong interpersonal relationships. These crystals and semi-precious stones are typically worn as pendants, charms on bracelets, brooches and key chains.

Gemstones and traditional symbols of luck are not the only superstitions gamblers believe in to enhance their luck. Items that have previously brought them good returns or good experiences like a lucky pencil that brought a modest win at the race track or lotto.

Articles of clothing are popular items of superstition. They can be a lucky shirt, pair of socks or underwear. It can be any piece of clothing they happen to wear every time they win. Some gamblers put out all the stops when it comes to clothes when they gamble; they buy a new outfit or polish their shoes thinking that the dressier they are, the more attractive they will be to lady luck.

These superstitions may not guarantee a win but they equip gamblers with something very important: confidence.

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