Dictionary of gamblers

Tips for Roulette online including methods and techniques to get the chips and paid off with chips or cash.

Well – area between gambling tables reserved for casino employees .

Pit boss – casino executive supervising gambling action from inside the well.

Progressive Jackpot – Pouring onto a slot or video poker machine (or group of machines) that increases as each coin is played.

Rated player – player to play has been rated by the casino and is thus eligible for comps.

Shill – casino employee playing at empty tables (with house money) to encourage guests to reduce to business.

Skateboard – container for decks of cards from which card games are often dealt.

Shooter – the player who throws the dice in a craps game.

Slot Clubs – Clubs for slots and video poker players where members grow points while playing, these can be redeemed against meals, gifts, cash and other perks.

Rigid – someone who does not tip, one of the worst names to call from traders, waitresses, bell-top operators, cab drivers and others in Las Vegas.

Toke – a tip for a casino employee, often given in the form of a bet in their favor.

True odds – the real odds of winning on any game as opposed to the money actually paid off the casino.

The inclination – a bet that is higher than the strict probability suggests is wise.

Upcard – the up card facing the blackjack dealer.

Vigorish – see the advantage of the house.

Whale – the big-money gambler prepared to wager huge amounts (at least $ 5,000 per hand) at the high stake games.

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