Dewey Tomko the great competitor

Dewey Tomko is a player who has more than thirty-five years of exposure to playing poker. He has not won any major title in any tournament he has participated in, but his opponents know that he is a strong and experienced competitor. Tomko has two runner-up positions in the poker world series; one in the 1982 event pipes next to Jack Straus and the other in the 2001 WSOP next to Carlos Mortensen.

Tomko’s world poker travel events also led him to the final tables and they got runner-up places; the 2003 poker of the five-diamond classic world and the Costa Rican classic where he got the fourth place. In the 2005 World Series of Poker Tomko got the third place in the Deuce to draw seven Lowball event with a take-away pay of $ 138,160. To date, he already has three bracelets from the poker world series and a total of more than $ 2.7 million in tournament earnings.

In 2005, Tomko was a guest at the October Bounty Poker tournament of His presence in the tournament surely set the pace and ambiance of a real poker competition. However, Tomko did not win the first place and lost him to a player under the code name of RYANMW21.

Dewey Tomko is originally from Glassport, Pennsylvania and he was born in 1946. He already played poker in some pool halls and was already earning some cash at the age of 16. He used his poker winnings in helping him get through four years of poker. university in Salem. After graduation, he worked a kindergarten school while playing poker during the nights. He had little or no sleep at all, and fortunately for his students that he was a good teacher and that he did not forget about his responsibilities to them even with a hectic schedule like his.

As Tomko continued his nightly poker escapades, he realized that he is earning more in one night than teaching kindergarten for one year. So he pursued his poker playing full time and stopped teaching. He invested his poker earnings in some business ventures and continued to play with the 70s and 80s. Tomko believes that his son Derek is a better player than he was at his age. His always ideal is to play poker with Derek and compete with him in the final table. Dewey Tomko is living with his wife and three children in Winterhaven, Florida.

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